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Platform:Nintendo Wii

Entering the first exclusive Wii title now. Umbrella Chronicles is what can easily be described as a decent Resident Evil game. But sadly decent at its best. It's not that appealing to anyone else although it has some strong points. The gameplay is fluid and makes fun but once you've finished the game and unlocked all the extra scenarios it loses a lot of its value. The strongest point, whcih the game is made for, is that you can experience different parts in the Resident Evil world again and in another reference. The game shows a lot of scenarios to tie up the main games' storyline.If you're looking for a collection of classic Resident Evil scenarios witha lot of characters, then this is it. But beware of one thing, this game uses 85% old stuff, namely enemies and areas from the Outbreak games and the Gamecube exclusive titles. It also has Hunk and Wesker ripped right from Resident Eivl 4. Even the new chapter in the whole frame of reference isn't noteworthy since it's mostly unappealing and boring.

Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles

Release date:15.11.2007
Serial number:RVL-RBUJ-JPN
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Release date:13.11.2007
Serial number:RVL-RBUE-USA

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Release date:30.11.2007
Serial number:RVL-RBUP-EUR