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Platform:Nintendo Wii

Almost exactly two years after Umbrella Chronicles Capcom gives us another rail shooter format game in the Resident Evil universe. The game plays and feels like its predecessor with some minor differences. For one the game is much better produced. It is the way the first game should have been with decent production values and at least some ammount of work done for it. The extras, the overall style of the game feels much more like a Resident Evil title then the first game. That doesn't mean that it isn't still a rather cheap effort from Capcom anyway. all in all a decent product but Resident Evil is not Resident Evil without being able to control a character. The adventure component is again rather limited or missing.

Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles

Release date:14.01.2010
Serial number:RVL-SBDJ-LTD-B0
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Release date:17.11.2009
Serial number:RVL-SBDE-USA-B0

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Release date:27.11.2009
Serial number: RVL-SBDP-EUR