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Platform:Nintendo Wii

Resident Evil 0 for the Nintendo Wii. Well did you ask for it? Not really I guess. This game is well,it's great since it's the same game like it was back in 2002 when it came out on the Gamecube. Differences are slim. The game is much more polished graphics wise than the Gamecube original and you obviously don't need to change the discs mid-game. The only new feature are the new control schemes which are just adapted to the Nintendo Wii anyway. You have one with the Nunchuk controller and the Wiimote which is really awkward and which I really wouldn't recommend unsless you don't have any other choice. Then there's the option to play with the Gamecube controller which means making the gaming experience resemble the original one. And at last there's my prefered option, the classic controller. Just like the previous one but simply better although no rumble support. So unless you're a serious collector or are from Japan, there's really no need to get this game at all. This release simply represents a financial analysis since Resident Evil 0 sold very well in Japan compared to other territories.

Biohazard 0

Release date:10.07.2008
Serial number:RVL-RBHJ-JPN
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil 0 (Resident Evil Archives)

Release date:01.12.2009
Serial number:RVL-RBHE-USA-B0

Resident Evil 0 (Resident Evil Archives)

Release date:22.01.2010
Serial number:RVL-RBHP-EUR-B0