Title:Resident Evil (The White Label)
Platform:Personal Computer
Release date:XX.XX.2001

DVD-Box rerelease of the first Resident Evil for the PC in Europe. Contains the box, game disc and a disc for the manuals. This version is somewhat uncommon nowadays.

Title:Resident Evil (The X Label)
Platform:Personal Computer
Release date:09.08.2001

French X-Label DVD-Box release. Contains a Disc with the game and the french manual in digital format. Also contains an inlay with some information. Rather uncommon.

Title:Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Platform:Personal Computer
Release date:16.04.2001

Standard (!) Resident Evil 3 from the US. Lacks the big box but the rest is intact. Item consists of the case, manual / front, back cover and disc. Disc is intact. The original PC release is rather uncommon today.

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