Game Info

Platform:Sony Playstation

The Rerelease of the release. This version adds a remixed soundtrack to the main game and of course the dual shock function. Other than that there's nothing really special.

The Japanese version features a special second cd which has footage on the canceled Resident Evil 2 Prototype aka Resident Evil 1.5.There are also memory card saves for the other Resident Evil games where you gain access to various weapons etc. A decent package all in all.

Biohazard Director's Cut Dual Shock Version

Release date:06.08.1998
Serial number:SLPS-01512 (Disc), SLPS-01513 (Complete Disc)
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil Director's Cut (Greatest Hits)

Release date:14.09.1998
Serial number:SLUS-00747