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Platform:Sony Playstation

The Director's Cut features some new modes like Training and Arrange which merely give you double as much ammo and ribbons or change the location of some key items. The game also has exclusive costumes and new camera angles. In addition to that there's a playable demo of Resident Evil 2. Apart from the demo there's nothing really worthwhile in this version.

The Japanese version has a few more demos. There are rare vresions of the US versions without the demo. The Germa version has no demo ut the coloured intro.

Biohazard Director's Cut

Release date:25.09.1997
Serial number:SLPS-00998 (Disc), SLPS-00999 (Biohazard 2 Trial Edition)
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil Director's Cut

Release date:30.09.1997
Serial number:SLUS-00551 (Disc), SLUS-90009 (Resident Evil 2 Demo)

Resident Evil Director's Cut

Release date:12/10/1997
Serial number:SLES-00969 (Disc), SLED-00977 (Resident Evil 2 Demo)