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Platform:Sony Playstation

This beta version of the original Resident Evil is pretty close to the final game. At least this seems to be the case when judging from the actual beta date. The game itself is generally identical to the finale game but there are many slight differences which have a big impact on the general feel of the game.

There are dozens of different item placements like the maps for the mansion floor etc. but the definately new gameplay mechanic is employed by the implementation of a few exclusive items. You can pick up Flamethrower ammo twice which helps to cover the underground areas without firing a shot, nothing special but still interetsing. There are no MO discs, you have to cheat yourself into the other characters' cell to free him or her. Instead, all MO discs are replayed with dum dum bullets for the Colt Python which is great. While regular ammo takes two shots to kill a hunter, the dum dum ones do it with a single bullet. It is an interesting gameplay mechanic which was supposed to force you to save this ammo up for the dangerous hunters. Only supposed because generally the enemies are rather weak and your character is invincible, only the boulder in the underground area can kill him or her. The inventory and chest system are not polished either. The chest items are set up in a certain order and do not remain in their original sport you put them in. The inventory does not allow the combination of ammo types into one spot. Ink ribbon is always a single item which cannot be combined either.

Talking about cheating above, the game features a debug menu which enables the browsing of game sounds, scenes etc., the changing of character model colours and the direct access of rooms. This is the only way to get past the locked door where the MO discs are needed. Apart from these elements there are also a few other differences like a different finishing screen and some sounds here and there. A very interetsing built to play.

The game is only available in Japanese. It's not available through any commercial way but can be downloaded.

Biohazard Beta 31.01.1996

Release date:31.01.1996 (Beta)
Serial number:-
Rareness:*****(Impossible To Find)