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Platform:Sony Playstation

This is one of the first playable builds of the original Resident Evil. Whereas an ISO is rather widely spread among collectors, an original copy is impossible to find, or unknown to exist. In this version you can only control Chris, the character selection has no photos of the actors but artwork instead. The controls are way different, Chris can sort of make really quick 180 turns and you can only access certain rooms on the first floor. The falling ceiling trap involves Chris and Barry and the leaving of the mansion is accompanied by an attack by the giant snake which makes the game end with the title "To be continued...". Generally speaking the game has earlier character models and room renderings. An interesting piece of gaming content for every established Resident Evil fan and collector.

The game is only available in Japanese. It's not available through any commercial way. I got my game from another collector.

Biohazard Alpha 04.08.1995

Release date:04.08.1995 (Alpha)
Serial number:-
Rareness:*****(Impossible To Find)