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Platform:Sony Playstation

This beta version of the original Resident Evil is pretty close to the final game. At least this seems to be the case when judging from the actual beta date. The game itself is generally identical to the finale game but there are many slight differences which have a big impact on the general feel of the game.

This version of Resident Evil 2 is the craziest version I currently own. It's one of the later betas leaked back in 1999 hence there's no official release date. This beta includes more or less all of Leon's A and B scenarios. They can be played to the end but can't be beaten since the game messes up then. You face different item,chest and monster placements and locations and also tons of bugs in this game. The coolest feature is the so called "Debug Menu" which you can prompt by pressing "SELECT". There you can choose a room and confirm. You'll be transported to this room instantly then. Means you can also visit every room in the game, even the ones that aren't intended for Leon. It's really a lot of fun to play if you're a purist. Saving is also possible. The only letdown is,as I mentioned earlier, the fact that you can't finish either of the scenarios.

A printed Hong Kong cd release does exist. It is obviously a pirate disc though.

Biohazard 2 Beta 31.07.1997

Release date:31.10.1997 (Beta)
Serial number:HK-0304 (Unlicensed)