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Platform:Sony Playstation

One of the most sought after cancelled titles in video game history. This beta of Biohazard 2 was displayed at the Tokyo Game Show in April 1997. After that, Capcom announced the total redisgning of the game. Thus, the beta has all ofthe older content, namely gameplay conventions such as wounded characters instead of body language and weaponry such as grenades.

All beta related items are preserved, yet the gameplay isn't entirely functional. The build is actually a mess. Yet one can easily venture through pretty much the whole game, seeing cut characters and monsters. The build can be played both as Leon and Elza. Sadly this build, that is known to be around 40 % complete, lacks any voice acting and FMVs, at least cutscenes are present. Most of the sound effects are also off. Playing the game works exactly like playing any other classic Resident Evil game from that era and that is just fine.

It should be taken into account that this a modified Japanese build. The text was translated by individuals. In any case these people deserve gratitude.

Biohazard 2 Beta 05.04.1997

Release date:05.04.1997 (Beta)
Serial number:None