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Platform:Sony Playstation3

The second attempt of Capcom to create a different experience totally fails. Cutting away even more adventure elements, mashing together a story that is complex yet uninteresting, Capcom manages to cut away things that made 5 interesting and replaces these with random action oriented bullshit. Things like collecting treasures, upgrading weapons are totally absent or dumbed down. The campaign is mostly uninspiring with the exception of certain parts of the Leon campaign. The game is a decent shooter but lacks any resemblence to earlier titles.

The extra campaign including Ada is one of the worst and repetitive experiences I have ever had. Not to mention the crappy effort commited where even the Move controller is not supported! Sad to say, Capcom's market strategy has finally disgraced the established fanbase. Whereas in 5 you still had a lot of fan service with cosumes and classic characters, 6 feels as if it needs to shake off its this heritage. Iconic characters are wasted in rather shallow story cutscenes. The greatest disappointment in Resident Evil history.

Biohazard 6

Release date:04.10.2012
Serial number:BLJM-60405

Resident Evil 6

Release date:02.10.2012
Serial number:BLES-01683