Game Info

Platform:Sony Playstation3

The Resident Evil 5 Demo for the Playstation 3 came out a bit later than its Xbox 360 counterpart. Yet it features nothing exclusive at all it is basically the same two levels from the other platforms demo. The game looks a bit nicer on the PS3 apart from that there's not much difference.

This Japanese demo was part of the Special Demo Disc that came free with new PS3s sold in Japan. The demo disc contains demos and videos to various other games like Metal Gear Online or Yakuza 3. The demo english voices along with screentext in japanese and various european languages.

The Japanese demo was released on this disc whereas the US and PAL demos were later released via PSN as downloads only.

Special Demo Disc (White)

Release date:18.12.2008
Serial number:BCJX-96004
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)