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Platform:Sony Playstation2

The next part of the fun and junk section. This is a port from the Arcade original which even had a 2 Player mode. This game has absolutely no plot. It's just some messed up game based on the FPS part of Code Veronica and its mechanics. While its defintely better than that part of the game it just serves as a port for the Arcade game. It's not even that much fun to play. There are a few nice additions though. The dungeon mode features completely new areas but stupidly enough lacks a map (DUH!). Nemesis also pops up in this along with other enemies frm other non Code Veronica Resident Evil games. you can also unlock various weapons and modes while playing. Most notably is the playble inclusion of Rodrigo in the Dungeon Mode. Utmost crappy game with some decent additions.

Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard Code: Veronica

Release date:08.11.2001
Serial number:SLPM-65059
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil Survivor 2

Release date:08.02.2002
Serial number:SLES-50650
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)