Game Info

Platform:Sony Playstation2

Hollywood strikes back, this time on the PS2. The PS2 port isn't as bad as many think, the graphics might be slightly worse but then again the new extras make up for it. You get a new bunch of costumes, a new subgame with Ada including new locations and a movie browser. The downgrade is that the video are all FMVs and not real time cutscenes. Apart from that a great action with even more extras than before btu yea still no Resident Evil.

Biohazard 4

Release date:01.12.2005
Serial number:SLPM-66213
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil 4

Release date:25.10.2005
Serial number:SLUS-21134

Resident Evil 4

Release date:04.11.2005
Serial number:SLES-53702