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Platform:Personal Computer

Operation Raccoon City is probably the biggest flop in the series since probably Survivor 2 or Gaiden. The game is, like the other mentioned titles, not necessarily bad but falls flat when when compared to the A class titles of the series. The game had been in development for quite some time, yet apart from the menus, the game lacks polishing. There are many game freezes in almost any give online interaction and frequent ones when playing offline. The content is shallow as well, only 7 missions with places which mostly do not look like Raccon City at all or just seem random. Wasted potential. Extras are plentyful but not well executed, multiplayer modes that involve classic characters and interesting gameplay twists are restriced to online play. The gameplay, for reasons that can be traced back to the developer and multiplayer focus, are not like Resident Evil 5. Even worse, the game feel less comfortble to control compared to 5. There is no option to use such controls for example. Plot is rather thin given the possibilites. All in all it is not the Outbreak like game a fan could expect. Instead of the USS getting a proper secretive and mysterious presentation they are portrayed as mere action figures pumping bullets into everything. The fans get a shooter with the Resident Evil world tacked on. Considering that not even a mouse is supported (in a shooter!) this game will need some serious patch and tons of DLC to become a good experience.

The game has the same contents in each version released all over the world. The Japanese verison has the Biohazard title but that is obvious. All games feature English dialogue and screentext in various European languages.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Release date:23.03.2012
Serial number:DV197142-00EUR