Game Info

Platform:Personal Computer

Technically speaking, a flawless port. The game supports mouse and keyboard controls, which makes one think why neither PS Move or Kinect were used in the console versions. Regarding the content, the port falls kinda flat. Despite being released half a year later it does not contain all of the DLC mode that were previously released. It cotains exclusive characters from Left 4 Dead 2, a Merceneires No Mercy mode and higher resolutions though. The game can forces you to use Steam as a platform. This makes sense, yet it does not when restrictions of the platform are considered. The use of multiple discs for a modern game is also questionable. Blu-Ray drives are already widely available for PCs.

Resident Evil 6

Release date:22.03.2013
Serial number:DV197159-00EUR (Disc 1), DV297159-00EUR (Disc 2)