Game Info

Platform:Personal Computer

Resident Evil 5 for the PC joined rather soon the other releases of this game. It is actually the first real great effort from Capcom to create a fully playable Resident Evil title that every serious PC gamer can appreciate. Compared to the original titles the game features full HD support and can be played with mouse and keyboard which works smoothly. The Xbox 360 controller is also supported. The game also adds some new costumes and a new "No Mercy" mode. Overall this is a great port which is on par with the orifinal incarnantions of the game.

Biohazard 5

Release date:17.09.2009
Serial number:CPCS 01054
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil 5

Release date:18.09.2009
Serial number:31061T

Resident Evil 5

Release date:13.03.2009
Serial number:DV197116-00EUR