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Platform:Personal Computer

Resident Evil 4 on the PC is,well, Resident Evil 4 on the PC. My first problem with this game was the fact that it didn't work. Yes that's right, in order to play this game you have to own either a Geforce or ATI Radeon graphics card or else the game wont work. If you can afford a decent graphics card with at least 512MB you will get a decent port,if not you'll clearly see the muddy textures and other details. All in all this port is decent but lame for the fact that it took so long and lacks certain polishing.

The Japanese version features english dialogue and Japanese screentext. The manual is kinda werid since it's basically a plain white paper with only the necessary instructions on it. The disc is also very simply made. this game clearly shows that even today PC games aren't that popular over there in Japan. Despite these facts, this japanese version is pretty rare and also very expensive. This original japanese release should not be confused with other cheap releases from Asia which are made by Typhoon Games.

Biohazard 4

Release date:07.06.2007
Serial number:CPCS-01026

Resident Evil 4

Release date:15.05.2007
Serial number:683117-DVD

Resident Evil 4

Release date:02.03.2007
Serial number:0814577