Game Info

Platform:Personal Computer

Ok there's not much to say about this version. It's basically a port of the Dual Shock version with some graphical upgrades here and there.

This original big box release is pretty rare nowadays. There are a few jewel case rereleases in Japan though which are much more common. There's also a Canopus graphics card bundle release which is also pretty rare. Overall this game works pretty well on Windows Xp and Vista.

The US release has the "Platinum" subtitle for whatever reason. The game works fine with Xp and Vista. The box can be flipped open to reveal some of the artwork which is unique for any Resident Evil game to date. The CD case only version is common whereas the complete version with big box is rather rare nowadays.

Biohazard 2

Release date:19.02.1999
Serial number:CPC.BIO21A (Disc 1), CPC.BIO21B (Disc 2)

Resident Evil 2 (Platinum)

Release date:28.02.1999
Serial number:C2 141407-01 (Disc 1), C2 141408-02 (Disc 2)

Resident Evil 2

Release date:01.06.1999
Serial number:CDD59820 (Disc 1), CDD59821 (Disc 2)
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)