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Platform:Personal Computer

The PC version of Resident Evil isn't that spectacular at all. It has probably the most polished graphics of all,in that respect it's better than the Saturn version. The PC version also has unique costumes and weapons. Instead of getting the rocket launcher,you get a machine gun and an ingram as a bonus unlockable.

The Japanese releases of the first game are a real mess-up. There are actually tons of them. But of all release one stands out. This japanese release here pubslished by NEC came out in december 1996, the same year like the Playstation original. Power/Vr and NEC then were popular brandslike Nvida and Geforce today. So this version is the first iteration on the PC and was basically intended for these graphic cards. I suppose that it was some sort of deal between NEC and Capcom because NEC also released graphic cards bundled with this game so I guess there was some sort of appointment since Capcom released the game on its own in early 1997,some time later. So if you're looking for the original PC release of Resident Evil in Japan, don't be tricked by the huge box from the Capcom (re)releases and get this item, which is quite rare nowadays. The original US release with the big box is pretty rare nowadays, The jewel case one is much more common. The game itself has complete English dialogue and screentext.

The European release has full screentext in various European languages and English dialogue. There are various rereleases of this game. Apart from this original big box vesion there are some white label rleases from Virgin with a smaller box. There are also some jewel case only releases and a DVD-box one. The game has certain compatibility problems with Windows XP/Vista so be careful when choosing which version to buy.

Biohazard (NEC)

Release date:06.12.1996
Serial number:VRNHE601 78983361

Resident Evil

Release date:30.09.1997
Serial number:DSK# 83123

Resident Evil

Release date:17.09.1997
Serial number:5028587
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)