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Platform:Personal Computer

Well what more can you ask for?One of the most obscure Resident Evil items in existence. This is of course the PC port of Resident Evil: Survivor known as Biohazard Gun Survivor in the east. First of all don't wonder if you haven't even heard about this version. It's so rare it's almost impossible to find anywhere. Then there's of course the fact that the game itself is rather mediocre to begin with, so it's not even necessary to look for it.

The game itself is merely a plot of the PSX original version but it has some small improvements to it as well. You can walk round with the character and shoot enemies at the same time by choosing the mouse in the option window before the game starts to load. The same option window also allows you to play the game with a much higher resolution compared to the PSX game. The cutscenes etc. remain the same though and look crappy and pixelated when played with a higher resolution. The game itself has a lot of bugs and is hard to play on older PC's,especially for the ones that it was considered for. It works just fine on new generation PC's. It works almost perfect with Windows XP and causes some trouble with Vista. If you come across this game consider yourself lucky.

This chinese packaging is rather obscure compared to any other Resident Evil release. Which makes absolutely sense since it's from China. The game is packaged in a big cardboard box with an inside part. This part contains a sealed jewel case with the game disc in it. No covers for the jewel case at all. Instead you get a supersized manual along with the game.

Biohazard Gun Survivor

Release date:07.09.2002
Serial number:020601.01.BH
Rareness:*****(Impossible To Find)