Game Info

Platform:Nintendo 64

The N64 port of Resident Evil 2. A technical miracle. I wont go into detail here but I can say this version has astonishing extras despite its technical shortcomings. Slightly different sound, EX-Files, blood color and violence selection. It has Hunk and Tofu as well but lacks the rest of the Dual Shock version extras etc. It also has no loading times. Yet it has bad audio when persons speak and the videos are reduced to a minimum of size. Some of the videos are even cut out. Anway this is probably one of the best ports in gaming history.

Biohazard 2

Release date:28.01.2000
Serial number:NUS-NB5J-JPN

Resident Evil 2

Release date:19.11.1999
Serial number:NUS-NREE-USA-1

Resident Evil 2

Release date:09.02.2000
Serial number:NUS-NREP-EUR
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)