Game Info

Platform:Nintendo Gamecube

This is a promotional item that was used in Japan back in March 2002 at the time of release of this game in game shops for demonstration purposes. The game is almost identical to the retail release with a few differences here and there. First of all the title screen is altered, there's no save feature, both characters start with the classic Resident Evil extra costumes instead the default ones and there are some enemies missing here and there. After a whileplyaing a 5 minute countdown will start which will end the game after reaching zero and will will have the game go back to the title screen. The disc is ultra rare and a must have for collectors.

The game is complete with English dialogue and Japanese screentext.

Biohazard Special Edition

Release date:01.03.2002 (Promotional Release)
Serial number:DL-DOL-DBJJ-DIS
Rareness:*****(Impossible To Find)

Resident Evil E3 Version

Release date:XX.XX.200X (Promotional Release)
Serial number:N/A
Rareness:*****(Impossible To Find)