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Platform:Nintendo Gamecube

Resident Evil 4 is a great game. Great gameplay with superb graphics. It's defintely a great action but where is Resident Evil? Leon has become merely a substitute for Solid Snake and the plot is like nowhere to be found. Apart from these flaws the game has few cool extras like Resident Evil 2's costume and Handgun, an minigame with Ada and a Merceneries minigame. Great extras all in all.

All versions have english voice acting with Japanese and European screentext accordingly. The German version has no extra minigames and is partly cut.

Biohazard 4

Release date:27.01.2005
Serial number:DL-DOL-G4BJ-0-JPN (Disc 1), DL-DOL-G4BJ-1-JPN (Disc 2)
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)

Resident Evil 4

Release date:11.01.2005
Serial number:DL-DOL-G4BE-0-USA (Disc 1), DL-DOL-G4BE-1-USA (Disc 2)

Resident Evil 4

Release date:18.03.2005
Serial number:DL-DOL-G4BP-0-EUR (Disc 1), DL-DOL-G4BP-1-EUR (Disc 2)