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Platform:Nintendo Gamecube

Resident Evil 0 made its debut on the Gamecube in the US first. The prequel to the game that had started it all is a decent entry into the Resident Evil franchise. It uses the graphical engine of first game's remake which has them both looking identical. It also boasts Rebecca Chambers from the first part of the series in pretty much the same appearance.

Yet Resident Evil 0 isn't one of the top Resident Evil games. The story is kinda flat and contradicts every sanes person logic. Capcom put gamers into the role of Rebecca Chambers, a rookie, instead of the other members. She's able to overcome the monsters in this part of the series but has next to no experience in the remake. Capcom obviously didn't want players to start liking a character which was meant to die anyway.

The game has a lot of extras. The Leech Hunter minigame can be accessed after successfully finishing the game's main game once. Obtaining good rankings unlocks stuff like the Machine Gun and Rocket Launcher. The Leech Hunter minigame has several other extras as well. There are extra costumes as well.

Biohazard 0

Release date:10.11.2002
Serial number:DL-DOL-GBZJ-0-JPN (Disc 1), DL-DOL-GBZJ-1-JPN (Disc 2)

Resident Evil 0

Release date:21.11.2002
Serial number:DL-DOL-GBZE-0-USA (Disc 1), DL-DOL-GBZE-1-USA (Disc 2)

Resident Evil 0

Release date:03.07.2003
Serial number:DL-DOL-GBZP-0-EUR (Disc 1), DL-DOL-GBZP-1-EUR (Disc 2))