Game Info

Platform:Nintendo Gamecube

The famous remake of the even more famous original. This game has totally new and updated graphics, new enemies, plot twists and areas. It has tons of extras as well like the real survival mode and the invisible enemies mode. This game is defintely the best version of this game in nearly all aspects. It just lacks some extra modes like the DS and Saturn versions.

The Japanese version has Japanese screentext with English subititles.The US and PAL versions have English dialogue and screentext. The PAL version has the Grenade Launcher glitch fixed.


Release date:22.03.2002
Serial number:DL-DOL-GBIJ-0-JPN (Disc 1), DL-DOL-GBIJ-1-JPN (Disc 2)

Resident Evil

Release date:30.04.2002
Serial number:DL-DOL-GBIE-0-USA (Disc 1), DL-DOL-GBIE-1-USA (Disc 2)

Resident Evil

Release date:13.09.2002
Serial number:DL-DOL-GBIP-0-EUR (Disc 1). DL-DOL-GBIP-1-EUR (Disc 2)