Game Info

Platform:Nintendo Game Boy Color

Developed by Hotgen Studios back in 1999/2000, this port of the original game never saw the light day. Playing it makes you wonder since for a Game Boy Color title, the game is astonishngly well done. Even if it is just an early beta with many gaming routines not yet implemented, the game does a decent job at capturing the style of the original game.

On the downside, the controls are somewhat awkward, the story and puzzles are dumbed down. Yes that is possible. And the game in itself seems like a lot of improvising was used. In any case one can easily understand why Capcom pulled the plug on this one.

This secondt beta contains a skeleton of the original game. It contains both scenarios for both characters and can be played without problems up to a certain point, the Plant 42. You can use codes to hack items into the game and progress even further. All items are also implemented but most cannot be found normally. The cutscenes are also fully implemented. This beta is the one to be recommended for playing.

Resident Evil Beta 01.08.1999

Release date:01.08.1999 (Beta)
Serial number:RES EVIL
Rareness:*****(Impossible To Find)