Game Info

Platform:Sega Dreamcast

The PAL version of the Code: Veronica game came out in Europe in two ways. One was widely available via the official Dreamcast Magazine in Issue 9 from July 2000 along with some other demos for Tony Hawks Skateboarding and Silver. The identical demo was also made available to retailers on a exclusive preview disc which only featured this demo. This demo is notably shorter than the demo packaged with the Biohazard 2 Value Plus.

The demo itself is almost identical to the final build. Differences are barely noticable, like the lack of BOW ammo in the room with 3D metal cutting device. The game abruptly ends after putting in the fake hawk emblem to unlock the main door from the prison. You just get back to the title screen and that was it.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Demo)

Release date:01.07.2000 (Dream On Volume 10)
Serial number:832-0028-50 (Dream On Volume 10)
Rareness:***(Very Uncommon)