Game Info

Platform:Sega Naomi Arcade

The first and only real Arcade entry of the Resident Evil series is a mediocre game based on the first person mode of the the Battle Mode of Code Veronica. The graphics are identical to those of the Dreamcast as this game was developed for the Sega Naomi Arcade platform to begin with, which itself is based on the Dreamcast. The newer games were released on a Naomi GD-ROM. The older ones on Naomi carts, like this one.

You automatically can play as Claire when you enable the game via settings or by putting in coins of course. If an arcade cabinet has two Naomi consoles hooked up the other player will automatically get to play as Steve. With either player you have to play through the game, only if you have another player, another character will appear, an NPC does not exist apart from the in-game cutscenes. The controls are somewhat simpliefied or more FPS like, compared to the source material.

The game was only released in Japan and thus only has Japanese text. The game was still exported to the west though. Due to the massive size of a cabinet it is almost impossible to find this game but an original Naomi Arcade ROM board is also rather rare and hard to find.

Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard Code: Veronica

Release date:05.07.2001
Serial number:25709801